Schafer IT Dental Practice Support

I understand the unique needs of dental practices and I have over a decade of experience supporting dental office software and digital x-ray systems. I know that you have email and print marketing, document scan and storage, and back-office accounting systems that all tie into the main office program and need to work - no headaches, no hassles. I can support it all and give you a stable, solid environment that'll keep you up and running and focused on your business.

Dental Receptionist

My support goes beyond fixing problems:

  • I can help you evaluate new software and arm you with the data you need to make critical upgrade decisions.
  • Thinking about switching your traditional phone system to a new Voice over Internet (VoIP) system? I have experience installing these and can work with you and your provider to fully plan the transition and make it a success.
  • Still working with x-ray film and want to convert to digital? I can help you compare and choose between competing x-ray system providers to make sure that the system you invest in will meet your needs and grow with you as you use it. This includes panoramic x-ray machines as well as add-ons like storing patient photos and scanned documents like drivers licences, insurance cards, etc.
  • Want to setup a wireless (WiFi) network and allow guest access for your patients? I can review your office layout and install wireless access points that will cover your entire office - no dead zones. The network will be secure for office use and can include a seperate guest network that allows patients to use their phones and tablets to access the internet (but not your internal network) while in your waiting room. The guest network can even be setup with a password so that only your patients can use it.
  • Dealing with lackluster productivity due to your staff's web surfing or need to control access to specific sites? I can configure your existing network to block access to social networking, blogs, and game sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc during work hours or grant access only to specific users.
  • Some websites can give viruses and outside attackers a way into your network. I'll make sure that your computers, servers, and network are protected from these threats and will train you and your staff on how to avoid them.

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