Schafer IT Computer Repair and Support

Fast and convenient support for your business needs

When you're having problems with your computers, it can be stressful and frustrating. I work hard to be there for you with on-site support when you need it and back that up with convenient remote support to quickly fix your computers and get you up and working again. I support all versions of Microsoft Windows™ and Microsoft Office™, as well as a multitude of applications. I'll even work directly with your software provider's technical support group to get problems solved.

I also support computer networks, both wired and wireless. I can diagnose and resolve slowness and get your systems back up to speed.

Stethoscope and Laptop

Having virus issues? I can remove unwanted programs infecting your computer and install software to keep it clean. Since many viruses try to infect computers by tricking users into allowing them access, I'll train you on how to spot them before they can cause any damage.

I'll fix your computers

Whether the problem is with the hardware, operating system, or programs I'll get your computer back on its feet quickly.

On Site and Remote Support

I'll come to your site and take care of you with fast, professional, and courteous support. Or for even more speed and convenience, I can work with you remotely over the internet.

Friendly and Hassle-Free

I take care of you and your staff with a warm, positive attitude. I welcome questions and can take the time needed to resolve even the smallest nagging issue. I'll take the hassle out of fixing your software by working with technical support teams on your behalf to get things fixed.

Remove Viruses and Provide Security

These threats to your computers cost you time, productivity, and ultimately money. I'll clean infected computers and secure your network against attackers.