Schafer IT Customer Testamonials

I value my relationships with my customers and do my very best to get the job done and treat you right while doing it. Here's what my customers have to say about working with Schafer IT:

Our dental office computer and network system functions smoothly because of Keith at Schafer IT. His extensive knowledge of software and hardware components is amazing.

Schafer IT has a "can do" attitude researching the best possible solution to solving any problem that arises. Keith's extensive problem solving and critical thinking skill set keeps our busy two dentist practice running efficiently daily. He responds quickly to our telephone calls or emails.....there's no waiting hours or days to fix a problem. His remote access capability has saved us countless hours of down time.

A modern dental office cannot function properly if it's computer or digital systems fail and that's frustrating for the dentists, staff and patients.

Keith Schafer is a true professional and a valued member of our team and we recommend his services highly to any office who desires computer "peace of mind."

Wow what can I say Schafer IT was referred by a friend and what a true God send he has been for us. He gives new meaning to the word professional, we all know how IT people can be… over technical in their explanations, but Keith delivers his messages in a clear and concise manner.

He is always cool and reassuring under pressure and keeps our boiling point under control, he is such a gentle giant. There is nothing that he has not been able to take care of for us. Keith thank you for all you do for us.

I would recommend Schafer IT any day of the week.

Just wanted to say thank you so much to Keith for always knowing what is needed to fix our office computers when I call him. It's so nice to be able to know the fix is a phone call away. I appreciate Keith's personality too in that he is always patient with me, in general someone who really knows what he is doing but didn't have that arrogant "know it all" type way of being that some computer "gurus" have! I always look forward to calling Keith and asking him to help me. Thank you again so much!

Keith Schafer is great! Keith and I have several mutual clients and it is always a pleasure to work with him. I always know that no matter what the issue is, Keith is only a phone call away and the issue is resolved in a very timely manner!! When I am asked to refer a hardware company I never hesitate when referring Schafer IT.